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What's been happening lately.....

July 2011

It's been a while...

It's been a while alright...What's been happening lately is things getting back to normal  Let's just say I had a little accident and broke my arm and wrist and I didn't work for a few weeks.  I tried though, but I had to repair and recover.  Now things are getting back to normal. I did work on a cat 226 skidster and the hydraulic motor needed to be rebuilt. Worked on a cat 236 skidster and it had a broken joystick and the backup alarm went out and repaired both. Also did some work on a Koboda backhoe which I had to repacked the hydraulic cylinders and made two hydraulic hoses.  On top of all that! I am remolding an old farm house I am preparing to move into.

Although, I did encounter some bad luck. I received a service call from a truck driver telling me that he punctured a hole in his oil pan.  After removing the oil pan and welding the aluminum cracked pan, replacing oil, filters and installing everything back on the truck.  The truck driver preceeded to drive off without paying a dime.

OUCH..I couldn't believe it, but it happened and the police are looking for him.